Three corrupt raids on honest companies – an out of control justice system

AFR Advocates
Judge Russel Finch was forced to admit he acted unlawfully when he authorised an illegal 3am raid on lawyers AFR Advocates. Six unformed police officers are now liable to pay AFR damages. Any responsible government would have telephoned that honest law firm at 9am in the morning.

Dr Rory Lyons of Alderney
Police Chief Patrick Rice, Carol Tozer of HSSD and ten police raided and closed Doctor Rory Lyons’ practice on Alderney because a patient had died. (600 patients a year die under HSSD.) They have ruined that doctor’s reputation and his practice. After his career was destroyed, they admit they “made a mistake”. The report on the raid by the Good Governance Institute said “there are failures and an unacceptable culture on the board of HSSD.”

Immuno Biotech Ltd
The largest unlawful raid, 20 police for 12 hours, by Ed Freestone of HSSD, also authorised by Judge Russel Finch, was on Immuno Biotech Ltd.

To obtain the warrant, Ed Freestone and Leila Le Poidevin repeated similar perjury to that the UK’s MHRA used in their witness statement. Part of Ed Freestone’s perjury was IBL were violent. He had known them five years by that time, and knew they were more civilised than he is. But his perjury got him 20 officers, he did not have to give IBL notice, and he cost the States over a million chasing up the case. Yes it was signed by Judge Russel Finch. With his prejudices, and ruthless determination to avoid the truth, how did he ever get to be a judge?

The warrant, s7(2) allowed the 20 police to examine IBL’s export of pharmaceutical products and marketing of them in the island. Except IBL has never exported from Guernsey, and stopped giving Goelic away a year ago when Guernsey forced IBL ceased trading.

The warrant also allowed them to inspect any of Immuno Biotech’s equipment or process used in the manufacture of medical products, and to take copies of related documents.

A task which is so obviously stupid. The Guernsey Border Agency and customs steal every vial of GcMAF that moves in Guernsey. How could IBL supply thousands of people from a laboratory based there? Why would they choose to have a laboratory in the most corrupt nation they know? They’ve never had a lab in Guernsey, and never intend to. All they do there is admin and accountancy.

The fact there is no lab, marketing or exporting from Guernsey became obvious in the first 5 minutes. At that moment Freestone and his mob should have apologised, and left. But no one breaks the law with such contempt as the Guernsey government.

20 police, pharmacists, MHRA people and Ed Freestone were present at the offices for 8.5 hours, and 12 hours at the house, leaving at 11pm. 214 hours, over £10,000 of time wasted.

A phone call would have sufficed, and IBL could have shown Freestone around.

The fact they didn’t find a lab did not stop the raid breaking procedures, and the law in every way possible. They took away 125 bags from the house, from the office 7,000 original papers, and approaching 20 computers, every single computer Systems Research Ltd had.

Two unsupervised HSSD pharmacists were in Lyn’s bedroom, giggling while examining every bra, pair of nickers, toiletries, every one of the hundreds of items present, and took some of it back in the 125 bags. The entire house, every single item, was ransacked.

Like the two other raids, the aim of this was was clearly to terrorise, traumatise, destroy and demoralise. Four of IBL’s staff were diagonised with trauma and two signed off by their doctors.

The law officers then wrote to IBL admitting the raid had been illegal, and offered to return all the materials they had seized and pay IBL’s legal costs. But they wanted an injunction against IBL to prevent them removing anything, so they could do the raid again properly.

IBL produces and distributes GcMAF, which is a human protein and a human right, and is the body’s own way of curing cancer. Only healthy people can make it. It can reverse 80% of terminal stage 4 cancers and over 50 other diseases, without side effects.

But this is just the beginning of Guernsey destroying a benevolent and astonishingly successful company. Click on “GcMAF” above.