Why has Guernsey democracy failed?

800px-Flag_of_Guernsey_svgGuernsey has no constitution. So the people of Guernsey have no legal rights, and they have never authorised the States of Guernsey to act for them. It is effectively an illegal government.

(Britain has a Constitution,  every word of it written since Magna Carta, but not strong enough.)

In this vacuum the Civil Service wields the power, and so it, instead of the people, is sovereign.  70 bureaucrats earn over £100,000 a year. The Deputies or Parliament wield very little power, are 38 people voting in different directions, without a political party to give continuity and direction. As a result the Civil Service can laugh at the Deputies, is out of control, wasting money on a huge scale, and instead of halving its size, is taxing everything that moves to pay for its waste.

This is driving investment away, and sending Guernsey into poverty.

The Guernsey Financial Services Commission, GFSC, destroys the financial services industry with over regulation. They victimise small trust firms until they go bust, causing distress and serious health problems for their owners. They permanently closed the Guernsey Stock Exchange and fined its directors, but could not say why. (Enterprising people set up a new one.) Financial salaries are tumbling as a result.

The States is anti business, and anti innovation.

For the first time in its history, the States has borrowed. £300 million (2/3 of its annual tax take), and paid a £15 million fee for the loan.

Ordinary Guernsey people now pay more taxes than people in the UK, have to pay double for their homes, and perhaps 20% more for food and necessities. That is why young Guernsey people are now leaving; they can’t afford to stay.

A Persecuting Police
Many of the police see their role as persecution, instead of helping the people who pay them.  For example, a well to do lady from Fort George was breathalised, and as it was close, asked to see the daily controls of the breathaliser.

Instead the police pushed her to the ground, kicked her, and broke two of her ribs. The police doctor was horrified, and said it wasn’t the first time. They kept her in the cell for two days in the hope the many bruises would go. They didn’t. Having already been a victim of miscarriage of justice in the Guernsey courts, she knew taking it there would be a waste of money.

Although the speed limit is 35 mph, Guernsey has the most savage drink drive laws in Europe, with a three year ban on a first offense, instead of the one year anywhere else.

Police hide and wait at 3am for taxi drivers as they drive downhill, and take their licenses away for three months. This is for an average of 5mph over the 35 speed limit. That’s one quarter of their annual income gone.

Police Chief Patrick Rice, with his paramilitary views, could have been a Communist East German border guard. He’s all about control; the people and justice don’t count. He bought a £275,000 armed Land Rover, 42 machine guns, and occasionally dispatches armed police, usually to create an unnecessary siege. He also took control of the Guernsey Border Agency, GBA, and the man who had been in charge was fired. Rice is already responsible for the deaths of ten Guernsey people, for which he should be prosecuted, see below. As department heads go, he is the most hostile to Guernsey people, and should resign.

Corrupt Courts
There is no separation between the courts and the States. The States owns the courts, and the Bailiff sits as chairman of the parliament, and head of the courts. This is the case in fascist or communist states. It means that if the States has an interest in a court case, it wins.

It doesn’t matter if there are millions of pounds involved, or whether a senior family member of the States or the Judiciary is being tried for drink driving, he is let off, the States will have its way. Justice is ignored.

You give evidence from a prison cell built into the courtroom: You are assumed to be guilty.

HM Procureur, currently Howard Roberts, brings in bad legislation, bad regulation,  command and control from the UK. Guernsey just can’t afford the bureaucracy legislation that massive demands. Because its small, Guernsey is even more tightly controlled by regulations than the UK.

The nation formerly known as the UK is a failed state that abolished itself with the Lisbon Treaty on 1.1.2009, and where the English will become a minority in 9 years according to the ONS. The last thing Guernsey needs is control from a failed state.

An example is the UK Codex Alimentaris vitamin legislation the Procureur forced on Guernsey. Codex plans to deny us vitamins. You live only 2 months without vitamins, and those provided by food are falling every year. In the face of determined local opposition, the Deputies passed it because they obey the Procureur, whose influence is almost always destructive.

It is HM Procureur that illegally controls Guernsey for England. (Guernsey is an independent nation, which is why only Guernsey’s laws should apply.) He is effectively Guernsey’s paid traitor.

This means that any business, and to a lesser extent, people too, are under double jeopardy. You may find you are not only being attacked by Guernsey, but by the UK as well.

HM Procureur, the Bailiff, the law officers and the judges are friends. They make decisions behind closed doors, and if the States has an interest in a case, ignore its merits and rule in the way the States, or HM Procureur, dictate.

This is devastating for local lawyers; if they are unfortunate enough to have a case that goes against the prejudice of the States, all their often superb research, preparation and presentations are wasted. They will lose, which makes a mockery of their qualifications and efforts.

The States abandoned its court case against 3M Plc on the Pfos firefighting foam after wasting £8 million, a typical example of bad judgement from the Law Officers. They started the action too late, and it was time barred.

In private some lawyers admit Guernsey is something of a dictatorship. They dare not say it in public – the States will make their careers impossible. The leaders of States departments combine against people whose faces don’t fit, to drive them off the island.

A number of people have had their bank accounts closed by the States of Guernsey, courtesy of the GFSC, who kept their money. Court cases and appeals are whitewashed, and the States still keeps your money. There is nothing you can do. You will not get justice. The States makes scores of millions this way.

British firms of lawyers desperately attempt to avoid bringing a second a case in Guernsey because they are horrified at the corruption of Guernsey’s courts.

Staff who work in departments like the GBA and customs are often appalled at the unprincipled orders they receive from above.

Guernsey people are fed up with the corruption on their island; many say they are ruled by a Mafia of the law officers, HM Procurateur, the judges, and senior civil servants, but the lack of democracy makes it impossible for them, or their Deputies, to do anything about it.

Activists who do not conform have received phone calls from the States or the law threatening the livelihood of their children, if they do not desist.

If you are inactive, don’t run a business, or retired you may be OK. If you are one of the 500 Freemasons who run the island (badly) you will be fine.

As there is no constitution, it seems Guernsey’s courts are illegal.

Three corrupt raids on honest companies – an out of control justice system
Judge Russel Finch was forced to admit he acted unlawfully when he authorised an illegal 3am raid on lawyers AFR Advocates. Six unformed police officers are now liable to pay AFR damages.

Police Chief Patrick Rice, Carol Tozer of HSSD and ten police raided and closed Doctor Rory Lyons’ practice on Alderney because a patient had died. (600 patients a year die under HSSD.) They have ruined that doctor’s reputation and his practice. After his career was destroyed, they admit they “made a mistake”. The report on the raid by the Good Governance Institute said “there are failures and an unacceptable culture on the board of HSSD.”

The third raid
The largest unlawful raid, 20 police for 12 hours, by Ed Freestone of HSSD, also authorised by Judge Russel Finch, was on Immuno Biotech Ltd.

IBL produces and distributes GcMAF, which is a human protein and a human right, that all healthy people make. It can reverse 80% of terminal stage 4 cancers and over 50 other diseases, without side effects. It is the body’s own way of getting rid of cancer.

300 scientists from 8 nations have written over 150 GcMAF scientific research papers, 400 doctors use it, and IBL have published 33 research papers, all peer reviewed and published in the world’s top scientific journals, a major feather in Guernsey’s cap, which the States ignorantly ignored.  See www.gcmaf.eu – The Science.

It was a huge opportunity for Guernsey, which could have eradicated cancer in the island (160 die there every year unnecessarily) and then turned to the world. But The States of Guernsey turned down this billion dollar opportunity for the island.

Ed Freestone, Chief Pharmacist of Guernsey’s HSSD, asked the MHRA in England to take IBL down. They raided their Cambridge laboratory, made 18 fraudulent statements about their superb sterility on the MHRA website, and committed perjury at Canterbury Crown Court to obtain a Restraint Order against IBL.

(The MHRA protects the monopolies of big pharmaceutical companies at the expense of British lives – see www.mhracorrupt.st.)

IBL have treated 11,500 people in 80 nations without one case of contamination, the sterility has always been excellent and independently certified on every batch over the last 5 years.

Meanwhile the Guernsey States closed down the CEO’s, 5 of his employees and IBL’s bank accounts; £1.3 million was effectively stolen.  Without a bank account IBL ceased trading immediately, and the Island of Guernsey lost the £18 million in revenue (trebling every year) they would have made in 2015.

The CEO’s family and those staff were left penniless, unable to pay salaries or buy food.

There was no evidence, no due process, no justice, all done behind their backs, without even notification. A total of six people penniless – government corruption can be exceptionally nasty.

IBL were 5 years ahead of other nations; one of those, Germany or Japan probably, will now take the lead with GcMAF and reap the benefits.

IBL had saved hundreds of lives, and cured thousands. As a philanthropic company, they gave away about 25% of their supplies to people who could not afford it.

They treated the people of Guernsey without charge, with 94 fabulous results, including those who went from terminal stage 4 cancer to cancer free. Then the Guernsey States became the only nation in the world to ban IBL’s GcMAF.

The States broke their own law, which clearly states that Guernsey people may order up to 6 months supply of any treatment they wish.

IBL informed us at a public meeting there were 20 people who were still recovering from cancer, but would die of it if GcMAF was denied them. HSSD were not even slightly interested.

HM Procureur copied the Restraint Order from the UK without examining it for its honesty, so his case committed fraudulent misrepresentation and perjury in Guernsey’s name against IBL and David Noakes; the Procureur’s  friend Judge Russell Finch rubber stamped it in court.

IBL applied to the Guernsey courts for the Restraint Order to be set aside; their lawyer put up an irrefutable case exposing the government’s dishonesty. In the court case on 15th December 2015, it turned out HM Procureur had made mistakes so serious the Restraint Order should never have been granted anyway. He couldn’t care less, he simply made changes in the courtroom on the fly,  Judge Russell Finch ignored IBL’s lawyer’s case, and ruled in favour of the Procureur.

The lawyer’s advice is not to appeal: Guernsey courts are too corrupt. IBL will never get justice.

Those who were denied their GcMAF and have died so far are:
Gordon Ozanne
Peter de Carteret
Roy Veron
Virginia Quintell
Peter Wilson
Maria Goncalves
Paddy Cummins
Pat Bourgourd

Two of their wives committed suicide, so the States’ anti GcMAF policy has caused 10 deaths so far.

Those responsible for their deaths, and who should face prosecution, are:

The senior staff of HSSD:
Ed Freestone, Chief Pharmacist
Carol Tozer, CEO, HSSD
Paul Luxon, Minister of Health
Mike Hadley, Board Member
Heidi Soulsby – Deputy Minister

Those responsible in the courts for the deaths:
Howard Roberts, Chief Procureur, who brought the order in from the UK to stop GcMAF
Russell Finch, the Judge who blocked justice.

And Police Chief Patrick Rice, whose GBA seizes every vial of GcMAF that enters Guernsey. Many of his staff are disgusted at the orders they are given.

It is astonishing that the States are prepared to kill Guernsey people to protect their power and prejudices.

Leila Le Poidevin of the GBA writes statements that pervert the facts to mislead the courts about Immuno Biotech. Its either perjury, or misfeasance in public office.

All of the above States employees are abusing their public offices to damage the health or lives of Guernsey people. They are acting criminally, and all should be banned from public office.

But in an out-of-control dictatorial state, they can get away with it.

160 people die of cancer every year in Guernsey. In July 2011 IBL offered GcMAF to HSSD. Since that date about 720 people have died unnecessarily of cancer. GcMAF would have saved 70% of them, 90% if HSSD had worked with IBL and caught them at stage 2 or three, instead of stage 4.

Raid by HSSD – more victimization – 28.1.16

A year to the day after the MHRA, at HSSD’s request, terrorised two of their female scientists in their Cambridge laboratory for 8 hours and shut down production of Immuno Biotech’s products, 20 police and civil servants arrived to raid the office and house of Immuno Biotech in Guernsey at 10.45am on the 28th January 2016, lead by a gloating Ed Freestone.

But Guernsey had closed Immuno Biotech’s bank accounts a year earlier and IBL therefore ceased trading on the 3rd February 2015. The offices they raided are leased by Systems Research Ltd, who were not mentioned on the warrant.

To obtain the warrant, Ed Freestone and Leila Le Poidevin repeated similar perjury to that the MHRA used in their witness statement. Part of Ed Freestone’s perjury was IBL were violent. He had known them five years by that time, and knew they were more civilised than he is. But his perjury got him 20 officers, he did not have to give IBL notice, and he cost the States over a million chasing up the case.

It was signed by, you guessed it, Judge Russel Finch. With his prejudices, and ruthless determination to avoid the truth, how did he ever get to be a judge?

The warrant, s7(2) allowed the 20 police to examine IBL’s export of pharmaceutical products and marketing of them in the island. Except IBL has never exported from Guernsey, and stopped giving Goelic away a year ago when IBL ceased trading.

The warrant also allowed them to inspect any of Immuno Biotech’s equipment or process used in the manufacture of medical products, and to take copies of related documents.

A task which is so obviously stupid. The Guernsey Border Agency and customs steal every vial of GcMAF that moves in Guernsey. How could IBL supply thousands of people from a laboratory based there? Why would they choose to have a laboratory in the most corrupt nation they know? They’ve never had a lab in Guernsey, and never intend to. All they do there is admin and accountancy.

The fact there is no lab, marketing or exporting from Guernsey became obvious in the first 5 minutes. At that moment Freestone and his mob should have apologised, and left. But no one breaks the law with such contempt as the Guernsey government.

20 police, pharmacists, MHRA people and Ed Freestone were present at the offices for 8.5 hours, and 12 hours at the house, leaving at 11pm. 214 hours, over £10,000 of time wasted.

A phone call would have sufficed, and IBL could have shown Freestone around.

The fact they didn’t find a lab did not stop the raid breaking procedures, and the law in every way possible. They took away 125 bags from the house, from the office 7,000 original papers, and approaching 20 computers, every single computer Systems Research Ltd had.

Two unsupervised HSSD pharmacists were in Lyn’s bedroom, giggling while examining every bra, pair of nickers, toiletries, every one of the hundreds of items present, and took some of it back in the 125 bags. The entire house, every single item, was ransacked.

Like the two other raids, the aim of this was was clearly to terrorise, traumatise, destroy and demoralise. Four of IBL’s staff were diagonised with trauma and two signed off by their doctors.

The law officers then wrote to IBL admitting the raid had been illegal, and offered to return all the materials they had seized and pay IBL’s legal costs. But they wanted an injunction against IBL to prevent them removing anything, so they could do the raid again properly.

A malevolent GBA 7 hour interrogation

Laurence-Moon-Bardet-Biedl syndrome (LMBBS) is a rare genetic disorder in which the body does not make cilia properly and there was no cure. The symptoms are similar to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; you can barely get out of bed and have little hope of holding a job down, as you usually go blind by your mid twenties, often suffer from a poor immune system, and can have kidneys problems along with often chronic obesity.

The father of two young adults with LMBBS  asked Immuno Biotech if GcMAF would help, to which its CEO, David Noakes, replied “I have no idea, but it has no side effects, never does harm, and you have nothing to lose by trying.” 

The father gave it to himself first. To his surprise, in two weeks it got rid of severe chronic acne he had on his back for 40 years.

In February 2014 he gave it to his son and daughter. Two months later they had normal energy levels, got themselves jobs, and places in further education. Nearly all symptoms of the disease had disappeared. More surprisingly, on higher doses, he was able to track slow improvements in their macular degeneration: their eyesight was improving.

Six months later the father, a scientist himself, produced a scientific poster on the results of GcMAF on his children, and the Ciliopathy scientific conference at the Institute Pasteur in Paris agreed to publish it. LMBBS is the worst of the Ciliopathy diseases. David Noakes and he both attended the conference, 18-21st November 2014.

Later the father was delivering Goleic, a supplement certified in Germany and therefore legal in Guernsey under protocol 3. The GBA illegally seized it, as they always do. In March 2016 he was subjected to a 7 hour interrogation by Leila Le Poidevin; yes, the one who provides false evidence to a corrupt court. Her aim was to find something to prosecute him with.

The father is a hero. He is the only LMBBS parent in the world who has succeeded in finding a treatment that has enabled his children to leave a ghastly future with no hope, and to lead ordinary lives. Le Poidevin should be presenting him with an award, and be finding a way to get the news out to other LMBBS sufferers.

Instead, after Le Poidevin’s malicious interrogation, he was traumatised. She and the States of Guernsey are attempting to send his children back to bed, where they will go blind and lose their kidney function, with no hope.

A prosecution followed. But the day it opened, the prosecution abandoned the trial “in the public interest.” They suddenly realised, after wasting hundreds of thousands of pounds, it wouldn’t be good to be seen criminalising an honest dad who had saved his children’s health and future.

But Guernsey hadn’t done enough damage yet. On the 22nd April 2017 Ed Freestone raided the offices again, this time with 12 police to terrorise the two female staff inside. They arrested two people at 11.30 am, and released them at 5pm.

Simultaneously a house in France was raided, and an innocent man arrested for four months. Human rights are far worse in France than England. The Paris jails are primitive, 3rd world places. Many rot and die there without charge. You are guilty, without ever being given a chance to prove your innocence.

This corruption exists to stop GcMAF
All of this prosecution has one end: to prevent the people of the world having access to GcMAF, the human protein the body uses to prevent cancer and 50 other diseases. Its been concealed for 26 years to protect the $200 Billion a year profits of the big pharmaceutical companies, at the expense of human life. Ed Freestone, the Law Officers, the Procurer, and Finch are protecting Big pharma and their profits.

The States is acting directly against the best interests of the Guernsey people, who pay them, and who they should serve, but do not. And the States has already killed 12 Guernsey cancer sufferers who were recovering. A hostile government hopelessly out of control, with some senior staff who should be banned from all public office for life.

Lawyers estimates of the time the States has spent in fifteen months trying to find something to prosecute Immuno Biotech Ltd with are well over a million pounds by April 2016.

Immuno Biotech has saved hundreds of lives, and helped thousands recover from disease around the world. In all the persecution they suffer, they don’t see any way they can stop. Like most people, for them, philanthropy, morality, honesty truthfulness and human life are absolutely vital.

If you would like to add your experiences, please comment below or email info@corruptguernsey.gg

Copyright Ben Porter. Permission to copy and republish is given, providing you also quote this copyright notice, and this website, www.corruptguernsey.gg

17 thoughts on “Why has Guernsey democracy failed?”

  1. Great research , I never realised just how bad this islands ruling factors had become .
    I mean I knew we were suffering fools , but I never realised they were the worst kind – corrupt dangerous fools – things will change here eventually , it takes awareness being raised in just this manor .
    Keep up the good work .

  2. Just dropping in with a suggestion. We currently have a drive to get Islanders to vote in the coming Election. The advertising for this, displays a list of the Islands Ambassadors and influential people who represent Guernsey and its residents. Maybe get these obviously influential people a nudge. Dame Mary seems to be the goto person for all things when it comes to Guernsey and its residents and generating publicity. As a Health care professional her views would be very helpful in this cause I am sure. You only have to look at how quickly the states changed their views on the Greenacres decision as soon as she come on board to realise her influences.

    1. The Deputies have no power. Its the unelected heads of departments, like Ed Freestone, and the courts, like “Judge” Russel Finch who are corrupt.

  3. I just think that if GcMAF has been banned by our government they know it has helped people. Someone is on a backhander and has too much influence. A Guernsey boy who is thinking of leaving and I will soon be 66 years old. Can’t believe what has happened to our police state island. When I was a youngster police treated you with respect and you did the same. Since Patrick Rice has arrived he is treating the island like an inner city, this is Guernsey for fu**s sake. The island is going to the dogs.

  4. A Guernsey boy looking at leaving the island at 66 years old. Can’t stand the rude police anymore, who have been told by their chief that Guernsey should be treated like an inner city. This is Guernsey for crying out load, where public used to respect the police and vice-versa. Now we have young men who think they are the bees knees and treat the public like dirt, time they learned they are here to protect the public and are paid by them.

  5. It said it all when Carol Tozer and Paul Luxon were being interviewed on BBC radio Guernsey about Gcmaf. Neither had read any of the 120 GcMAF research papers. Not one. They knew nothing about it. When asked: if they were in a life or death situation would the try it, they both said no. For goodness sake, any one in that situation would try anything. By the way, a very interesting read, send it to the press.

    1. Sorry, the Press was quite good when Richard Digard was Editor. Shaun Green is on the dark side, happy to take advantage of the fact there are no libel laws in Guernsey, and proud to publish lies.

      1. It seems to me that the owners upped their influence when the editor changed, probably to lead us to attribute any noticeable change to the change of Ed. I can’t agree that the Press was good when RD was Editor. A lot of material which should have been published wasn’t published during his tenure.

  6. Totally agree, the Guernsey Courts are rife with corruption, as I know all too well unfortunately…and yes Russel Finch is at the centre of it. How the hell did he get to be a judge? (The Jurats just do what Finch tells them to do) He definitely doesn’t know the meaning of the word justice.

  7. The only way to get out of this is to remove the people in power, but you can’t do that as the voting system is undoubtedly rigged by the people already in charge (look at America)! The simplest thing to do is let this corrupt piece of shit island go to all the east Europeans & Portuguese that are migrating in droves & let them have it as a massive refugee camp! Fair play to the young people moving away from Guernsey, they are the smart ones that can see there isn’t a future in Guernsey!

    1. The people who are in power are not elected. They are the unaccountable bureaucrats, who see themselves as the Masters, not as public servants.

  8. Guernsey has been corrupt for f… years, which is one reason why I got myself and my family out of there years ago. Another driving factor was the hugely elevated price of property and rental property compared to most other places on this planet.
    It was, a long time ago, a good place to live.
    God help all those who are struggling to survive there. You are well and truly on the treadmill and it won’t get better for you.
    Get out of there those who can.

  9. I agree with all that is said in the above article, I left Guernsey with my wife in 2005 because we were being victimised by the police and Masonic community that my husband blindly joined and then resigned from after realising how corrupt the Masonic society is.
    My husband lost his job after resigning from the Masonic society for no reason and police began to stake us out at bars in the hope that we would drink and drive.
    Then my Husbands son lost his Job for no reason and police deliberately wound him up in the hope that he would bite, he has now also left the island.
    Your biggest instigator is Mr Finch, a Masonic High Lodge Mason. Not to name quite a few police officers in the same position.
    My Husband and I knew far too much about the corruption that was being imposed on innocent people and we had to leave after 42 years of living in Guernsey and we are so happy now not having to put up with the persecution that Guernsey offers to their people.
    You will never win in Guernsey unless you are wealthy and belong to a Masonic boys brigade.

  10. An excellent piece of writing that clearly states the true facts, of that I can vouch from personal experiences. This is exactly why I left that God forsaken place nearly thirty years ago, vowing never to return to the place of my birth, and I haven’t. From the Bailiff down, the administration is absolutely criminal in it’s behaviour. If anyone thinks that the Chinese government is bad, look at Guernsey’s government, if that is what you can call it. It’s more a kin to a junta dictatorship if truth be known.

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